Good Morning Afternoon Evening All.

We hope this email finds you in good spirits. Where Austin is writing from, the cherry blossoms have just peaked. Where Gijs is writing summer is setting in, jackfruits and cashews are ripening.

This email has been a long time in the making, and I appreciate your patience getting here. The purpose of this message is to launch the first cohort of enDAOment with the Regen Foundation. There is much to cover, as well as a range infamiliarity, so we will engage it in chunks. Consider this the introduction chunk. We ask you all respond via the Notion page, pasted throughout this email. It is here:

csDAO Cohort 1 - Onboarding

Thank you in advance for your consideration. 🙂

Some goals for this introduction:

1 - Introduce you all to one another, and create the opportunity through a shared doc for you all to introduce yourselves in your own words.

2 - Make sure we have a proper point contact for each organization, and a trusted keeper of the wallet information.

3 - Share educational materials for the enDAOment / csDAO process to establish a baseline, and provide a space for you all to ask questions.

4 - Begin scheduling a video call where everybody is able to attend.

5 - Explain how “minimum viable capacity” for all respective communities is the goal of this cycle. What happens beyond that is what we as a community author.

Let’s get into it.

This is the first group enDAOment the Regen Foundation has ever done! Its exciting. The communities to be enDAO’d work across many different bioregions, timezones, and fields of practice. We used our prioritization process to invite this amazing group. You can review our prioritization process here:

Prioritization Process for CSDAOs

We think this group has tremendous potential to bring capacity to one another, and future regenerative DAO’s. Finding mutual support and resonance among this cohort helped drive the process.

As of 03/15/2023, the following entites have been enDAOed: