Grants dispersed by Not For Profits like Regen Foundation are meant to support partnering organizations in achieving the foundation’s mission. Broadly speaking, the Foundation’s mission is to support the develop of regenerative ecological and social practices, as well as support greater literacy around web3 technology to the public.

The enDAOment token transfer qualifies as such a grant.

Here are some links which explain legal frameworks for DAO’s.

Costs and Benefits: Thinking Through Legal Structures for DAOs

In this doc we’ll cover:

csDAO Legal Status

The Regen Foundation has a clear heirarchy of preference for csDAO’s. They are:

Not For Profit / NGO / 501(c)3

Fiscally Sponsored entities

LLC’s or other equivalent corporation types


The level of risk increases the further we move down this list, and thus more diligent record keeping, and reporting are required for individuals vs NGO’s.

Roadmap for enDAOment

1 - Not-For-Profit / NGO / 501(c)3