FAQ enDAOment and Partnerships 🦋

What is the enDAOment program and where can I learn more about it?

Thirty percent of the total $REGEN was allocated at the launch of the chain (”genesis”) for organizations dedicated to regeneration. This allocation is being granted out by Regen Foundation through their EnDAOment program. EnDAOment refers to the support offered to community DAOs through a locked token endowment. To delve into more detail and gain a comprehensive understanding, please refer to our guide here.

enDAOment Outreach Bundle v2

What is the role of a Community Staking DAO in the ecosystem?

We believe that in order for a truly regenerative economic paradigm to work, the system must be owned and governed by those communities doing the work. The house always wins, so our system makes regenerative communities “the house”. That means bringing founder’s level stake to the community members.

The model of Community Staking DAO is designed to distribute ownership in and governance of the wider Regen Network. It is based on the principle that systems governing ecological value should be owned and managed by communities deeply committed to planetary regeneration. Discover more about it in length here.

Introducing the Regen Foundation and the Community Staking DAO

What is Regen Commons and how is it different from the enDAOment program?

The enDAOment program is a token transfer program maintained by the Regen Foundation to bring community ownership and governance power to the project. Recipients of enDAOment transfers become members of the Regen Commons. The Regen Commons is the larger community of organizations with stake (enDAOment token holdings, actively project development etc) in Regen Network.

It’s kind of confusing… we know. Think of it this way. By receiving a token enDAOment, an organization becomes a community staking DAO (csDAO), and thus a member of the Regen Commons.

How much time will this take of me?

Community Staking DAOs bring valuable perspectives to network discussions, cultivating a culture of kinship and mutual support. They play a vital role as stakeholders, driving momentum for various initiatives. Nurturing a healthy network takes time, which is why the csDAO community and the Foundation team convenes fortnightly for ongoing discussions and project updates. We encourage a minimum attendance of 30% for these calls to ensure active participation. Additionally, csDAO members actively engage on platforms like Hylo, Commonwealth, and Registry Gitbook, sharing insights and casting votes on active on-chain proposals. On average, an active csDAO member dedicates approximately 7 hours per month to this partnership. This level of commitment is noted to be beneficial for all parties involved.

What can we use $REGEN tokens for?

There are two aspects to the REGEN token: a market value, subject to price fluctuations, and a governance tool for voting on active proposals on-chain. With each token representing a vote, the more tokens you possess, the greater your stake and decision-making power in the Network. Additionally, you have the opportunity to stake your $REGEN tokens with a validator of your choosing, enabling you to earn rewards. For more detailed information, please refer here.